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How to Mom-Tour aka Contouring for Busy Lifestyles

Contouring-we've all heard of it by now. The Kardashians are contouring queens, but even though half of them are moms, they seem to put a bit more time, effort, money, and professional help into their makeup routines than the average gal. This is no "clown" contour, this is the everyday easy and quick contour, its… Continue reading How to Mom-Tour aka Contouring for Busy Lifestyles

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Hey There!

Thanks for checking out You Look Pretty, Mom! I started this blog as a place to connect with other women over makeup, skincare, fashion and general shenanigans. After recently experiencing adult acne, I found myself constantly searching for beauty bloggers/vloggers talking about skincare and makeup. Of course I found a ton of beautiful women sharing their expertise. But not… Continue reading Hey There!