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Clogged Pores? Me, too.

So this is another post telling you to EXFOLIATE. Sorry, nothing new. Similar to when there is a new diet but all the diet really says is-DON'T EAT CRAP FOOD. Cool, thanks for the enlightening update. We all know this is much easier said than done, am I right? Well, brace yourselves, this is actually… Continue reading Clogged Pores? Me, too.

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My Skincare “Routine”

Hey-hey friends! I've had some questions about what I use to cleanse, moisturize, anti-age etc. I also have some friends that don't really cleanse or moisturize (you know who you are!) and I'm here to HELP you! I'm going to talk quickly about skin, important skincare steps and some products to use. Our skin is… Continue reading My Skincare “Routine”

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Hey There!

Thanks for checking out You Look Pretty, Mom! I started this blog as a place to connect with other women over makeup, skincare, fashion and general shenanigans. After recently experiencing adult acne, I found myself constantly searching for beauty bloggers/vloggers talking about skincare and makeup. Of course I found a ton of beautiful women sharing their expertise. But not… Continue reading Hey There!