New Year, Same Old Me

My son really summed up my feelings about New Year’s when he asked, at 10pm on NYE, “Why do we celebrate New Year’s? It seems like too big a deal.” PREACH, my sweet six year old, PREACH. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wearing silly glasses and drinking some champs but that’s about all the excitement I can muster. New Year’s only signifies that it’s 359 days until Christmas. It’s (usually) cold, dreary, and the only thing on the horizon is Valentine’s Day, which is still roughly 45 days away. Ugh, and the New Year’s resolutions and the countless articles about working out/eating healthy/decluttering/getting organized-it’s exhausting! I put (am still putting…) Christmas decorations away, in a semi-organized fashion, and I’m using my crock pot to make soup every other day so we don’t all freeze to death. What else do you want from me?!

I digress.

The new year is a time for renewal, self improvement, goal setting. I get that. But for me, it’s the hardest time of year for all that. I don’t feel like doing anything-much less bettering myself. So this is for all my fellow winter wallowers, all of us who really just want to curl up with a fuzzy blanket and watch Hallmark movies until the sun comes back out.

You are enough. You just PLOWED your way through the busiest, most expensive, chaotic time of year with grace and beauty (and probably a little alcohol.) YOU DESERVE A BREAK. So pack those kiddos some lunch, wave bye-bye to the bus, stay in your robe, and catch up on Real Housewives. You are enough just the way you are TODAY. You wanna set some goals-awesome! Go for it! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader! But don’t let the pressure of “A New Year, A New You!” make you feel like you NEED to set new goals, or lose weight, or eat healthier, or declutter your life. I would like to blog more consistently this year. (“Ohmigosh Caitlin, yesss please blog more! I loooove your blog!” “Aww you’re so sweet-thank you!”) I’m thinking about how I’m going to implement that. If it works-great! If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I’m so tired of feeling like I’m not doing enough or that what I’m doing I’m not doing well enough. So my New Year’s resolution is no more resolutions. I don’t need the ball to drop for me to make changes and neither do you. WE ARE ENOUGH, warm blankets and Hallmark movies included.

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