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Clogged Pores? Me, too.

So this is another post telling you to EXFOLIATE. Sorry, nothing new. Similar to when there is a new diet but all the diet really says is-DON’T EAT CRAP FOOD. Cool, thanks for the enlightening update. We all know this is much easier said than done, am I right? Well, brace yourselves, this is actually almost as easy as saying the word “exfoliate”.  And it according to my autocorrect this is easier than spelling “exfoliate”.

If you read my first post, you would know I’ve been on Spironolactone for almost a year now, trying to clear up some hormonal acne that has presented itself after kids and switching my birth control out for an IUD. At my six month checkup, we decided to cut the prescription in half because my skin looked so good. Dr. said it often takes a higher dose to clear it up but a lower dose can maintain clear skin. My skin still looks really good, aside from a couple flare ups.

Full disclosure: this product isn’t going to do much for hormonal acne, which is under the skin. Topical products won’t make a big difference with acne caused by internal issues. But that being said, hormonal drugs don’t help clogged pores. “Smaller” pores and clear skin are achieved through clean skin and pores. Sounds easy but most of us know its not.

I’ve been using this product since August and I am AMAZED. (and sad it took me this long to do it.) I talked about my skin care routine a few months ago. While I still use and enjoy the AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel, its not cheap and its more of a time consuming step than the game-changer I’m about to tell you about. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is easy to use, gentle on your skin, makes pores less noticeable by keeping them clear-leading to fewer breakouts and over time can even out dark spots. First off, this stuff is HALF the price of the other exfoliant I use and much more affordable than comparable products on the market. Second, its a liquid-so you get your trusty cotton ball and swipe it on your face. THATS IT. Don’t wash it off, don’t do anything else! After vacation or just a few lazy days of not using this, I can tell a difference in my pores. They appear larger or clogged, especially on my nose. I discussed pores, pore size and the difference between chemical and physical exfoliants in my skin care post if you need a refresher. Paula’s Choice is a reputable company and has lots of options. I chose the BHA exfoliant because it will get deeper in your pores to clean them out as opposed to AHA exfoliants which are more surface based. I would recommend both, depending on your needs, as well a retinol product. Retinols can work wonders on acne and wrinkles, making it a great “30-something” product, as so many of us suffer from both. The BHA can be used twice a day, which I did at first, but it started to dry me out so I went back to once a day. If you are using a retinol/retinoid treatment, apply it at night and use your other acid (BHA, AHA) in the morning. If you aren’t layering products correctly or waiting long enough between each step you could be canceling out the efficacy of the products or it can put too much stress on your skin resulting in red, dry, flaky skin. Don’t throw in the towel! Drop me a message on social or here in the comments if you need help. The Paula’s Choice website is a great place to get advice and information about all kinds of skin concerns and their coordinating products. I haven’t tried anything else from them (yet) but it’s a nice resource regardless. And be sure to add some of this stuff to your Christmas list!



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