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Its Fall Y’all!

October brings visions of scarves, boots, hot apple cider and fleece vests dancing through my head. However, most of these things are inapplicable to Texas October days. So in honor of our cool front, I’m bringing you a guide to fall lipstick-no extra sweating required.

Fall makeup doesn’t HAVE to be different than any other makeup, but it often comes as a relief to lay off the bronzer and coral lipstick for something a tad “vampier.” The key to pulling off your new fall palate is to find your UNDERTONE. This bit of information is good to know anyway, but its definitely important when using bolder colors. There are three options: cool, warm, and neutral. Neutral-you lucky ducks-means you can usually pull off both warm and cool tones. Take a look at your wrist, do your veins look bluish? You’re a cool. If your veins look more greenish you’re a warm. I am a cool. I found out in high school when I fell in love with a gold prom dress and my mom, along with the 3 other moms watching their daughters try on prom dresses, said “ummmm NO.” Thats when I realized, jewel tones FOR LIFE. For the record, I ended up in a turquoise dress and looked fab. Anyway, lets throw back to elementary school art class and look at the color wheel…

color wheel
Color Wheel Warm And Cool Colors Good Schemes Bade

Those of you who know me, know I love a big bold lip. If I had to pick a signature color it would be obnoxiously hot pink. Bold lipstick means I can limit the eye makeup and *potentially* get out the door faster. “But Caitlin…pink is WARM, you said you were COOL….” Undertone folks, its all about the undertone. Gold usually has a yellow undertone, which is why I look awful in a floor length gold dress, but I can pull off that weird chartreuse color because of its green undertone. Pinks and reds fall into two main categories-warm (aka orange) or cool (aka blue) undertones. Shopping for a red lipstick? Mark several on your arm or hand, once they are lined up with one another it is easier to spot blue-based reds vs orange-based reds. If you put a color on that looks “off” it can probably be attributed to the undertone. Still having trouble finding the undertone? Read the description online! Most companies will describe the color (especially reds) with reference to the undertone. (see links below)

Ok, so you know your undertone but you still don’t know what COLOR to wear-I GOT YOU. Here are some “true” reds.

Ok, lets break these down. Left picture: Bing is warm-neutral and Get Fired is very warm, it is quite orangey. Legendary is cool-neutral and Red Rage is very cool, with lots of blue. Right picture: F-bomb is a cool red, Love that Red is warm, and Srsly Red is pretty neutral, but slightly on the cool side.

So maybe “true” reds are a little old fashioned for you. These are MY vampy fall lip colors currently residing in the makeup bag. Since these are picks for myself, they are mostly cool.


Bawse has a bit of a brownish undertone making it quite warm, especially in comparison to what I usually wear, but its definitely not too orangey for me and it just screams fall.IMG-2971



Sleeveless “Pumpkin Spice Everything” shirt, big sister, Bawse lipstick and a pumpkin patch!

Sister kept saying, “Your lipstick is…Bold…”





Alright, I understand, these colors are powerful and you may not be in the mood. No worries, I still got your back! Check out these pretty “berry” colors that really embody the fall palate.


So, these are not sheer or “no makeup-makeup” lipsticks. They are bold but in a neutral way. FOMO, Patina, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are all cool and would be classified as berry colors. If you are looking for a bold neutral for fall, but you need a warm version, stick to colors that fall in with Exotic. It is more of a raisin color and has a warm brown undertone. (It really isn’t that brown, it just looks that way on my skin!)

Last, but not least, when wearing bold, bright lipsticks its important to line your lips. I switched to this awesome product a couple years ago. The clear liner goes slightly outside your lip line to create an invisible barrier locking lipstick and glosses inside your lips and prevents color from feathering into those tiny lines as the day goes on. And since its clear, you don’t need 15 different liners to go with all your different lipsticks! Double-win!

What colors are y’all wearing now that the weather is cooler? Let me know in the comments or on social!

2 thoughts on “Its Fall Y’all!”

  1. I’m gonna need you to look at my veins! I feel like I can pull off any color except some beige/oatmeal colors…maybe I’m neutral???

    Also, don’t blue red lipsticks help your teeth look whiter? How do you manage that if you’re a warm?

    Also, what is your opinion of Lip Sense?

    Great post! Thank you for writing!


    1. Great questions!
      You could definitely be neutral, I feel like you have some pink to your skin which means the yellows in beige/oatmeal could wash you out, especially with your blonde hair.

      Yes blue-based reds CAN make your teeth look whiter. I don’t think warm reds make your teeth look yellow unless they are already stained, but if your teeth are pretty white to begin with it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

      I think Lip Sense is a very cool idea and they have some beautiful colors. I’ve only tried it once, and apparently didn’t follow the protocol, and it came off quickly. It’s also VERY drying because of the high alcohol content, which is why it burns/tingles when applied. I, personally, wouldn’t recommend it for regular wear. (I think it would be great for special occasions with its ability to last through food etc.) I also feel that it’s a bit expensive, especially the “initial” investment of having to buy a color and a gloss, but per color it falls in a similar price range of other high end cosmetic companies’ lipsticks. That being said, I have several friends who LOVE it and wear it all the time-to each his own!


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