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Lash Extensions: Are they right for you?

Hey-hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! I had not intended to take the summer off blogging but the kids made it difficult to get much done. Surprise, surprise! I wanted to start back with a post about lash extensions. As always if you have a question about them I didn’t cover, post in the comment section or hit me up on social!

I LOVE luxurious full, long, curly lashes.  As I’ve mentioned before, there isn’t much that get can me out of the house without curling my lashes with the Shu Uemera curler and a healthy coating of waterproof mascara. If I wasn’t awful at putting on strip lashes, I would probably wear those on the semi-regular. But I love the idea of semi-permanent lashes you can wake up and go with. I’ve been wanting to try lash extensions for several years now but couldn’t justify the price. I got a coupon for lash extensions at Dolce Blu in Austin, it’s the only place I’ve been to so I don’t have any comparisons, but its a cute, clean shop and the technicians were nice and did a wonderful job. No botched extensions here!

NO CURLER, NO MASCARA in this pic from my bronzer how-to  post.

What are lash extensions? INDIVIDUAL lashes that are dipped in a special adhesive and applied directly to your natural lash. There are varying lengths, curl styles, and thicknesses to choose from. A full set of lashes takes anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours to apply, depending on how many lashes you are getting applied. If you would like to dish out extra cash you can get “volume” or synthetic mink lashes. The mink/synthetic mink tend to be more wispy and delicate looking. Our natural lashes fall out around every 30 days (who knew?!) so because of this natural lash cycle, extensions have to reapplied quite regularly. Lash salons suggest getting a “fill” every 2-3 weeks. Most places don’t qualify it as a “fill” after 3 weeks because they would have to replace more than half at that point. Fills take about half the time as a full set and cost substantially less. Just compare the process to getting acrylic nails. A full set costs more and takes longer than a fill. Remember everyone is different, some people can go a month and their nails have barely grown while others look grown out after 10 days. Same for lashes. And like all hairs, lashes grow in cycles, so you don’t lose them all every 30 days. You may need a fill sooner than you thought but then be able to go longer the next time. Most lash salons offer packages or memberships where you pay a flat fee up front (or monthly) to get fills regularly.

You get to lay like this for 2 hours while they put them on. It was kinda awesome.

How did they wear? You can’t feel them, and unless you are looking straight up through them, you can’t really see them. I got curly ones so they didn’t usually hit my glasses or sunglasses. They can get “tangled” so they need to be combed with a spoolie, but the lash technician will give you one. The biggest problem is they are a little high maintenance. NO rubbing your eyes and nothing with oil can get near your eye area. Both of those things were tough for me, having allergies I rub my eyes A LOT (I know its bad-blah blah…) and I also am a firm Josie Maran believer and use several different argan oil products. They have to be cleaned because of natural oils produced from your skin, plus any other makeup or skincare you use. You have to be GENTLE or you could break down the glue, or worse, break your real lash holding the extension. You can get special lash extension cleaner, but since I knew mine were not a long term investment, I passed on that and just used some micellar water. I had my lashes filled 2x. My first full set had quite a few fall out, but I chalk that up to using oily face products which I limited after my two fills. I let mine fall out on their own and used mascara to fill out any patches or holes as they grew out. I also took some tiny scissors and cut a couple that were REALLY long as they started to grow out. I did notice that my real lashes were noticeably shorter once my extensions came off for good. This only lasted about a week, they grew back to normal.

FullSizeRender 7
A side(ish) view after my second fill.


Are they worth it? In short, probably not. Ironically, lash extensions are a great choice for low maintenance makeup mamas. Eyeliner is discouraged because its hard to get your lid really clean without being rough on your lashes, eyeshadow is a huge pain because you can barely see your lid through your dramatic lashes causing your makeup routine to kinda go by the wayside. If you don’t want a face full of makeup but you want to look awake and put together, lashes can definitely achieve that. However, I can see how women who are into an understated look are more likely to pass on these thinking its way too fussy for them. While I really enjoyed mine, I have decent lashes to begin with and the time and money invested to keep these up is intense. I also love a good winged liner, which I found nearly impossible to do with these on. If you are someone who has really short or sparse lashes, this may be something you can justify. I WOULD recommend these for a treat before going on vacation or even for a special occasion. Waking up with a full set of thick, long curled eyelashes really makes your makeup routine MUCH quicker, and it could help free up some much needed suitcase space! Even You Look Handsome, Dad would randomly say-WOW, your eyelashes look amazing. I mean, have your husbands ever commented on your EYELASHES before? So yeah, they’re a game changer but they are not for everyone. I hope this answered any questions you had, let me know what you think-are you into it?





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