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Strobing is SO Fetch

Last week we conquered the contour. This week we humble the highlight! These two techniques combined will have you all #nofilter. But don’t get stressed y’all. Just like contouring, highlighting can be done alone if you don’t have the time or energy for multiple techniques. In fact, when you only highlight and don’t contour its called “strobing.” Which is dumb. You use a highlighter to highlight the high points of your face. (“Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! Its not going to happen!”) Regardless of what we are calling it, highlighting/strobing/putting shiny stuff on your face is awesome. Its super hard to mess up or overdo and very easy to find products that will work for your skin and in your price-point. Its a no lose situation! Highlighting for everyone!

  • First, find your skin undertone. Do this by checking the veins on the underside of your wrist. Do they look blue or greenish? Blue veins means you fall more with cool tones: pink, red or bluish undertoned skin. Greenish veins means warm tones: yellow, peachy, golden undertoned skin. Warm toned skin looks gorgeous with a yellowy/gold highlight. Cool toned skin looks lovely with a silvery pink/opal highlight. This also depends on the look you want. If you are playing up your new splash pad tan, reach for the gold highlight! It won’t look bad, these are just guidelines.
  • Next, find a highlighter you like. It totally depends on your preferences. I enjoy both powder and cream highlighters but if you get oily or don’t like blending creams, go with powder. If you are scared and don’t think you can do this (you can!) go for a stick formula so you can just draw it on. If you like a dewy look and only want to use your fingers, get a cream. SO MANY OPTIONS. Just pick the one you think will be easiest for you to use. I’ll link a bunch of favorites at the end.
  • Alright, now where to put it. Remember, contouring is all about adding shadows back into your face (or creating them) to make areas seem recessed or smaller. Highlighting does the opposite. These are the areas we want to stand out.

    I was not kidding about my forehead wrinkles!
  • Cheekbones
  • Brow bone-directly under your eyebrow
  • Inside corner of eyes
  • Down the bridge of the nose
  • Cupid’s bow
Make a “C” shape from your cheekbone up to your brow bone then blend it out.

You are going to make a “C” shape from under your brow down to your cheekbone. If you are using a cream, just make dots along that line. If you are using a creamy stick, just draw it on and if you are using a powder, trace the line with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then tap the highlight into the skin with your fingers or a sponge (for a cream) or gently blend a powder highlight with a large blush or powder brush. Follow the same steps for the rest of your highlighting spots, drawing a straight line down the center of your nose, creating a little sideways “v” in the corner of your eyes, and making a cursive “v” above your cupid’s bow. This is a great choice to make your lips looks fuller. If you choose to highlight your cupid’s bow, (I don’t often but maybe I should-I’ve got next to no upper lip!) be sure to use a lighter hand and always wear lipstick with this. I had a friend tell me once it looked like I bit into something shiny. Ha! If you are looking for more lip fullness tricks, take your contour color LIGHTLY under your bottom lip and then highlight the chin just a tad to make the dip between lips and chin seem more prominent. Add blush high on the apples of your cheeks to make this look more skin-like or go with a bronzer if you are doing the sun-bunny thing.

#nofilter y’all!

Ooo so ethereal! I’m not wearing foundation here, just concealer, highlighter, light contour, and a touch of blush. So not exactly my 5 minute face, more like 7. For these pics I used the Becca Opal highlight, which is a gorgeous little set, I picked mine up at Ulta. I love the little wand, its makes for the easiest application. I also like the matching powder highlighter, its the perfect way to “set” cream highlighter. If you are a tad oily, you can or layer a cream with the powder highlighter, it will keep the cream from running down your face but you won’t lose any luminosity like you would if you set with a regular powder.

My go-to highlighters: Becca Moonstone Skin Perfector, Becca Opal cream and powder set, Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Matte Sculpting Set. Beauty Blender Sponge (expensive but worth it), IT Cosmetics Blush Brush

I consider Becca the glow experts. I went through two bottles of Becca foundation before I got restless and tried something new. I am almost done with my Moonstone Skin Perfector, its beautiful on its own or mixed with foundation. The lightest shade in the Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster sculpting set is nice if you want something more subtle. It will brighten your face without any shimmer, a good starting place if you are nervous! I’m so close to pulling the trigger on an Hourglass Ambient Lighting compact but its on the pricey side, maybe I’ll use Mother’s Day as an excuse to just get one already. This Maybelline Master Strobing Stick is perfectly blendable with fingers, sponge, or brush and is super budget friendly as well as portable. Honestly, just walk down the makeup aisle and you can easily find something up your alley. Tell me about your favorite highlighter or shoot me a question below! This Sunday is the perfect chance to throw on some highlighter, snap a pic with the kids and show off all your light reflecting glory! I know all your sweet kiddos will be telling you “You look pretty, Mom!”

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