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How to Mom-Tour aka Contouring for Busy Lifestyles

Left: No contour. Right: Contour, touch of blush and a little head tilt. šŸ˜‰

Contouring-we’ve all heard of it by now. The Kardashians are contouring queens, but even though half of them are moms, they seem to put a bit more time, effort, money, and professional help into their makeup routines than the average gal. This is no “clown” contour, this is the everyday easy and quick contour, its Mom-tour! You can do it! But you may be thinking the same thing I was at first: Another step in my routine? WHY AM I DOING THIS? Two reasons: 1. If you are wearing a medium or full coverage foundation, you have covered the natural shadows on your face, so they have to be drawn back on-just as you do with blush. 2. If you would like to accentuate your face shape and/or make your face look slimmer. I promise this won’t take long and it has a big pay off-give it a shot!

Items you need: fluffy blending brush, stiff contouring brush, and a bronzer/contouring color.

First, you need to find the right color. We will apply this differently than a blush or bronzer so it’s important to pick a shade with NO shimmer or glitter. Bronzers are often orange based but for contouring you need a brown shade with a gray undertone. It should look like a shadow on your face, not like a tan. I have used Too Faced Light Chocolate SoleilĀ for a couple years (as you can see…) because it doubles as a bronzer and a contour color. I highly recommend it. If you have a darker skin tone, the originalĀ Chocolate SoleilĀ is beautiful too. I recently purchased the Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Matte SculptingĀ Kit. The middle shade is a perfect contour color for fair to light skin tones. The whole set is great, next week we will talk about the highlighter in it! I’ve also heard great things about Benefit’s new Hula Lite as a contour color. I trust that pick, Hula is a cult classic bronzer, has zero shimmer and is low on the orange side, so its a safe bet.

Alright, you got what you need, now what do you do with it? When you suck in your cheeks (or if you have naturally amazing bone structure) you have a slight shadow below your cheekbone. We want to create that with makeup. So find your cheekbone then pat downward until you feel the dip right beneath your cheekbone. THAT is where we apply the contour color. Its also right in line with that little part of your ear, so just line up there if you are having a hard time finding it. Dip your contouring brush in the color and stamp it on your face. You want to take this about halfway in towards your nose, going downward at a slight angle-just follow your natural cheekbone.

Ta-Da! You’re done! Jkjkjk

We are going to do the same “stamping” motion on our jawline (where I start to get “jowl-y”) and on the hair line at the temple. You can take this as all the way across the forehead hairline to your opposite temple if you would like, its up to you. If you feel your forehead is long, try it all the way across. I usually only go all the way across if I have my hair pulled up in a tight pony or bun.

You are bronzed up and look a tad ridiculous so its time to grab your fluffy brush. I like to push upward on the brush so as not to blend the color down my cheek. Too much contour can make you look muddy so always start with a light hand and build up. If you are completely new to contouring, or even using bronzer, go light for a few days and build up as you get used to wearing it. It can be startling to see yourself in a look that differs from your norm!

Me, blending. Is this picture necessary?

If that was too much for you, hang on. I have an even EASIER way to do it. Think of drawing a “3” on the side of your face. Dip your fluffy brush in your bronzer, start at the top slightly above your temple, sweep the brush down to the dip just below your cheekbone, then run the brush back toward your ear and down your jawline-stopping before your chin. BOOM. DONE.

There are a lot of ways to contour and a lot of bloggers will get much more specific than this. If you would like more details about contouring in a not too overwhelming way, check out Maskcara. She’s a fantastic resource. I hope this was helpful friends! Let me know questions or comments below!

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