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My 5 Minute Face

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A major plus for having kids? People to blame when I’m running late. Last minute diaper changes/potty trips, collecting snacks and/or drinks, and tantrums about which shoes to wear are legitimate reasons for being a few minutes behind. These are the days when I utilize my quick makeup routine. If I am really rushed I can get this done in 3 min! But then I usually say, “Wow, I’m already done?!” and then add eye shadow or liner and 10 minutes later….I’m out the door!

Here are my top picks for a 5 minute face:

Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream (with SPF!)  You get color, moisture and sun protection in one step, put this on right after washing your face. My new favorite is Josie Maran’s tinted moisturizer in warm glow. This stuff is LEGIT. SPF 47? Uh, yes please. Barely-there color to even out my skin tone: Check. Dewey skin that looks as if I drink enough water and work out on a regular basis all while blurring fine lines and giving me that “lit from within” glow? Sign. Me. Up. Y’all, this stuff is a GAME CHANGER. You’re welcome.

Eyelash Curler I need two things to look awake: coffee and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I have been using this brand for over 10 years. I’ve tried plenty of others but always come back to Shu. I can usually get 2-3 years out of one before I have to repurchase. If yours aren’t as stubborn as mine, just grab the $5 Revlon one. If you are blessed with naturally curled eyelashes, stop what you are doing and give a little shout-out to the beauty gods. I have what I call “Snuffleupagus eyelashes”. They are a decent length and thickness but they turn DOWNWARD. Totes unfair.

Black Mascara I always reach for waterproof. I gotta curl these bad boys and waterproof mascara acts like hairspray for lashes. I’m a mascara junkie. I’m a fan of Benefit mascaras, specifically Bad Gal Lash and Roller Lash. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is beautiful and they have just come out with a waterproof version that I’m itching to try! Waterproof versions can definitely change the consistency of the formula and are a pain to get off, so if you can get away with regular-do it.

Natural Brow Pencil I have rather patchy brows so I like using a natural-looking pencil to fill in any spots. There are tons of options out there but look for a gel or pencil that is a bit waxy. This will help keep your brow hairs in place. If you have a thicker brow and don’t need color, just go over them with a clear brow gel or even clear mascara to give a defined look. My runner-up is this NYX brow gel.

A Warm Blush Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks or even slightly above and two finger-widths away from your nose. I love creamy textures because you can blend with your fingers or a brush. If you’re into powder blush, Tarte has beautiful long-lasting colors, apply them the same way. Pinch your cheeks to find your perfect color match!

Lips! Leaving your lips bare can make you look unfinished. Even a quick swipe of gloss will make everything look pulled together. I LOOOOVE lipstick. It makes me feel like a grown up. I have a stash of nudes and light pinks I like to pair with my quick makeup routine. Urban Decay Vice lipstick has 100(!) shades and multiple finishes so you’re bound to find something you like.

Tell me what’s in your 5 minute makeup routine!

5 thoughts on “My 5 Minute Face”

  1. You already have me buying stuff! I’ve been needing a new eyelash curler for a while and haven’t been thrilled with the ones I’ve bought in the past.

    I have to give an alternative opinion to your mascara recommendation though. Benefit products totally messed up my eyes for a while. My eyes were red, itchy, and sensitive, and my lashes were falling out while using their mascara. I’ve got to second the need for waterproof though. It makes such a difference.

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  2. My new favorite mascara is MAC In Extreme Dimension – Black Extreme. It has that plastic brush, which I used to HATE! Turns out I just had to get used to it. Love the info!!! Keep it coming!

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      1. Thanks!! And I can totes show up haw to wear glitter eye shadow without it getting under your eyes! 😉😘


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