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Hey There!

Thanks for checking out You Look Pretty, Mom! I started this blog as a place to connect with other women over makeup, skincare, fashion and general shenanigans. After recently experiencing adult acne, I found myself constantly searching for beauty bloggers/vloggers talking about skincare and makeup. Of course I found a ton of beautiful women sharing their expertise. But not many of them are speaking to ME. I don’t need a tutorial on glitter eyeshadow, mermaid hair, strobing, baking, or how to make my makeup match my flower crown for Coachella. I need practical crap. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in how to get all that glitter on your eyelid but none under your eye, it just means I’m still not going to actually do it. I want to start a conversation about everyday products we need, enjoy, and discover. I want to try and use things that are “safe” and avoid harmful chemicals, specifically parabens and phthalates-which is no easy feat! Especially if we aren’t willing to pay a fortune for everything. Take a look around and leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “Hey There!”

  1. Supporting this blog and I love the posts so far! Unfortunately, my favorite beauty tip for pasty white gals who want glowing skin (me) is a fake AF spray tan – much safer than laying in a bed, but still has lots of pretty gross ingredients that I can’t pronounce and God knows what kind of long term damage they have once absorbed through my skin.
    BUT it’s a nice confidence booster for special occasions. Life is about balance and sometimes I swallow the pill of applying toxic shit to my skin in the name of vanity 😕

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  2. Hey there!! I love this Caitlin!!! I’ll be following you. And even leave a comment or two. Even though I’m MUCH older than the majority of your followers, I still love to find great cleansers, moisturisers and MAKEUP!!
    I have been using Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. Love it!! And I recently started using it cosmetics and their eye and face cream. (Lots of compliments on my skin since I started using these products ) Ladies!!!! If you don’t already use eye cream and moisturiser, start immediately! !!! I wish I would have taken it more seriously in my youth.
    I love you Caitlin ♡
    Aunt Kristy

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  3. Hey Caitlin! Very cool blog! I can’t wait to read more, on fashion too…my wardrobe needs a makeover!

    As for skincare, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Rodan & Fields. I’ve seen great results with the Unblemish & Soothe ranges. I use the Reverse as I am trying to combat the early signs of aging with avengance! The thing I most regret is neglecting my skin in my early 30s. But it’s never too late! Good on you for encouraging us mammas to look after ourselves so we can always look pretty!


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