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My Skin “Story”

Seven years ago I turned 25. For some ridiculous reason I took it really hard. I was now in my “mid-twenties” a phrase I could not wrap my brain around. Wasn’t I still in college?! My mom, 32 year old sister, and I were at the mall and stopped at Clinique. I asked about products to use on the fine lines on my forehead. The Clinique representative took this opportunity to grill me about my wrinkles (I very clearly said “fine lines”) and then she asked my age. “Oh, you’re only 25??? Oh my goodness, your sister here-she must be 22-23?”  Y’all, I. Couldn’t. Even. My sister was BEAMING. (As she should, this lady just shaved 10 years off her age) and I was officially paranoid. I had signs of premature aging. GASP! That weekend I went on a girl’s trip to Fredericksburg. It was beautiful, we drank wine, hung out, ate cheese and drank some more wine. My sweet, sweet mom had a cookie bouquet delivered to our B&B for my birthday. They were adorable teddy bears on sticks with fluffy icing fur on their faces. Mom called to check in and make sure I got the delivery. She wanted to know what I thought of them.

Me: They’re so cute and they taste awesome! Thanks so much, Mom!
Mom: Did you see their faces? (laugher in her voice)
Me: Yeah, they are light brown and have icing fur on their foreheads and cute little t-shirts. (why is she being so weird about these cookies…?)
Mom: (laughing hysterically now) That’s not fur, its WRINKLES!!!!

Whoa. Really, Mom? That was way harsh. I’m still not sure I’m over it. I’ve enjoyed makeup for as long as I can remember but that series of events really triggered my interest in skin care. But skin care is expensive and it tended to fall second in my morning and evening bedtime routines. Then I had kids. I was just happy to shower much less cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. Which leads me to where I am now.

I just turned 32. I’m a stay at home mom of two kids, my youngest will be two this summer. After the arrival of my sweet baby girl, I had the arrival of acne. Wait, whaaaat? I’m 30, I’m a grown woman. This is not cool. The annoying thing is, I’ve never had skin problems (aside from my pre-aging forehead). I never had acne as a teenager. My skin was obnoxiously clear. Even through my 20’s while binge eating cheese fries, margaritas and not using nearly enough sunscreen in Mexico, I just didn’t “break out”. Pimple here, pimple there, it was enough for my girlfriends to really want to punch me. They thought the bear wrinkle cookies were HILARIOUS, btw. So after almost a year of my skin cycling in and out of zits, dryness, more dryness, zits, and some nasty random rash…I gave in and saw a dermatologist. The guy looked at my face for about .25 seconds before he declared it was hormonal (shocker) and gave me several treatment options. I’ve been taking Spironolactone since the end of January and I am happy to report my skin is back to normal-ish. I also just finished up a low-dose antibiotic for perioral dermatitis (aka nasty random rash). My new found acne and premature aging has led me on a quest to find affordable beauty products that actually WORK. I’d love for you to join the quest with me!

6 thoughts on “My Skin “Story””

  1. Love this….And here I thought you haf the “PERFECT COMPLEXION.” I still think you do….whatever! I’ll be watching. Maybe you can help those of us who are close to 80….. Well no, don’t worry…’s way too late for us to fret over a few wrinkles…we’ve earned them. Love ya, Grandma Kennedy

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  2. Hey Caitlin! I can remember my skin going completely haywire in my late 20s…right around the time I was trying to hook up with future husband. Worst. Timing. Ever. Anyway, sticking to non-comedogenic products (the ones that stop your pores from blocking up) helped me get back on track!

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  3. HOLY S @ that bear story! My lord! Also though, sadly I think we are on a similar skin path! I also had obnoxiously perfect skin for my entire life without having to try (pretty sure I only took my makeup off at night like 3 times before I was 30) and then BABOOM, pregnant, cool great awesome here’s a new face/forehead situation that totally sucks. I just had my first facial of life in order to get some help from a professional — I’m baby stepping my way into better skin, I hope! I love your blog!

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