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My 5 Minute Face

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A major plus for having kids? People to blame when I'm running late. Last minute diaper changes/potty trips, collecting snacks and/or drinks, and tantrums about which shoes to wear are legitimate reasons for being a few minutes behind. These are the days when I utilize my quick makeup routine. If… Continue reading My 5 Minute Face

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My Skin “Story”

Seven years ago I turned 25. For some ridiculous reason I took it really hard. I was now in my "mid-twenties" a phrase I could not wrap my brain around. Wasn't I still in college?! My mom, 32 year old sister, and I were at the mall and stopped at Clinique. I asked about products… Continue reading My Skin “Story”

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Hey There!

Thanks for checking out You Look Pretty, Mom! I started this blog as a place to connect with other women over makeup, skincare, fashion and general shenanigans. After recently experiencing adult acne, I found myself constantly searching for beauty bloggers/vloggers talking about skincare and makeup. Of course I found a ton of beautiful women sharing their expertise. But not… Continue reading Hey There!